Do You Have One or More of these Talents? Are you wanting to build something from the early stages? Join Us. 

1. Booker/Agent – Someone to source and negotiate speaking and engagement opportunities.

2. Literary/Agent/Editor – Editing capacity to refine long documents into a marketable manuscript. 

3. Videographer/Animator – Working in Film, Video and animation for Music Videos and longer form projects. 

4. Social Media Manager- Versed in IG/Tik Tok with an ability to see what’s next in trends and viral “content”. 

5. Producer- Events/Media. Looking to Produce a large scale live show, being filmed and streamed to larger markets.

6. Fundraiser- Experience in crowdsourcing and raising funds for artistic endeavors in mental health. 

7. Promoter- Someone with a email list or social following wanting to spread the word about Mad One Media (in exchange for a link share)

8. Advocate- Someone who believes in “creativity as practice for mental health” and can connect us with other opportunities by recommendation.  

This is our wish list of talents for Collaborators and part-time employees serving on a monthly basis for commission and stipend opportunities. Click below to fill out the form with more details, or call: 1 646 801 9230 and leave a detailed message. 

Join us!