We are currently Hiring One or both of these roles

1. Outreach/Communications/Marketing

2. Graphics/Animation/Social Media

Work with Joshua Walters, Founder of Mad One Media and comedian seen on TED Talks,NPR, and PBS.Joshua Works in the world of mental health/disability blending narratives with comedy/storytelling and performance art. He has a background in helping others find work as acareer coach and looks to work with those with creative potential.Currently, Joshua is looking for someone to do outreach for opportunities for his Speaking,Writing, and Producing. He specializes in the arts/communication/media/disability.Joshua works as a Coach/Performer/Producer and seeks ways to speak about mental healthand creativity to companies, organizations, and groups.This would be a role that merges the worlds of Booking Agent with excellent communication andresponsiveness over email and phone. A creative thinker who can hunt for the opportunity andbrainstorm new avenues of communication.Right now Joshua is looking for someone who can do outreach to particular venues, contacts, orcommunities that might want to host him as a speaker/performer/facilitator..This is an internship opportunity to build your skills in entertainment booking, managing, and communication. If you are just starting out, Joshua can advise you on your future employment and provide a reference for future work.We are looking for booking engagements for May 2023 and the initial push starts now with a 4-6month lead. In the past, we have had great success in contacting others who can recommend contacts for touring; colleges, companies, and organizations. If you attend school or work for anorganization that could be interesting, start where you are an insider.Seasonally work arrives for Joshua throughout the year concentrated on the mental healthmonths MAY (Mental Health Awareness Month) and OCT (Mental Health Awareness week andInternational Mental Health Day) when ORGS would be privy to booking him as a speaker andfacilitator. Mad One Media highlights mental health narratives and teaches Creativity as Practice for Mental Health. Right now we are looking for someone 2-5 hours a week, to work remotely and be paid on a monthly stipend bases.Reach out with your resume and a brief cover letter if you would like to build your experience over the next 6 months, by promoting mental health differences and creative expression.

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